Discussion Questions

For after the show

  1. What was most surprising to you in the show?
  2. What did you learn about how the status of women changed since 1900?
  3. What were women expected to do, to be like in the early 1900s? During World War II? During the 50s? During the 80s? What about now?
  4. How did TV socialize the baby boomers in the 50s? How did TV socialize you when you were younger?
  5. Describe how the messages of the music were different for your parents and grandparents, versus how it is for you now.
  6. If you had to explain to someone much younger than you how things have changed for women in America over the last 100 years, what would you say?
  7. In what ways did your mothers and grandmothers have it more difficult? In what ways were their lives easier?
  8. Which current songs really depict the challenges and triumphs for females today?