Terrific Reviews Are Pouring In!

“This One’s for the Girls is just for you!”

“Fabulous!” “Jana Robbins is delightful.”

“Haley Swindal is a comic genius!”

“Heart stopping!” “Tamara Kangas Erickson’s choreography is perfection.”

“Zachary Ryan’s musical direction is thrilling.”

“I can see this high-octane celebration of the American woman having a long run.” 

~ Times Square Chronicles

“Dorothy Marcic pulls off a feat of theatrical legerdemain, writing an entertaining jukebox musical that also has an important message.”

“Four very different women, all terrific singer/actors, tell their stories through witty repartee and music.” “Jana Robbins gives a wonderfully full-bodied performance!”

“Aneesa Folds is deliciously sassy!”

~ Theater Scene

“Haley Swindal is adorable”

“Aneesa Folds brings down the house!”

“This One’s for the Girls makes for a great girls’ night out.””

~ Stage Buddy



~ DC Metro Theater Arts

“This One’s for the Girls is one of the brightest Off-Broadway shows I have seen!”

“Filed with vibrance brimming with hope.”


“Haley Swindal is hilarious! Swindal gifts the audience with show-stopping comedic segments that leave you rolling and bonding with your mom, grandma or daughter.”

~ Diandra Reviews It All


“Four women are transforming into female heroines of the last 100 years and singing their hearts out at St. Luke’s Theatre.

“Perfect for anyone of any age!”

“People were singing along and clapping throughout the entire show and good times were had all around!”

An amazing 90 minutes filled with classic hits with modern twists, clapping and dancing in your seat, all drenched with a heavy dose of feminism and empowerment.”

~ Washington Square News

“Aneesa Folds is a powerhouse singer. She tore the roof off the theatre with ‘I Will Survive!’

~ Stephen Holt Show

“Exuberant and entertaining!”

~ Total Theater