Respect is a Fun Musical Treat

April 23, 2005
Reviewed by Tom Williams

Respect: A Musical Journey of Women is a wonderfully entertaining show containing three extremely talented performers who combine strong voices with the ability to sell a song. Free from the expected man-bashing tones of ‘women’s’ shows, Respect sure gained some from me. This is a commemoration of womanhood in song and dance. Featuring over 50 songs scientifically selected by author Dorothy Marcic to chronicle the lives of women in the century of change, Respect contains the songs women listened to during various periods of their lives.

Respect uses songs to reflect the movement of women from docile wives to completely equal independent individuals. We hear songs like “I Want To Be Loved by You,” “Tonight You Belong To Me,” “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” “Whatever Lola Wants,” “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” “I Will Survive,” “I Will Follow Him,” “Stand By Your Man,” “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun” and “You Don’t Own Me.”

Told through a middle aged narrator, Respect unfolds first as a history of women’s liberation during the 20th Century using the motif of popular music to reflect the emotions, attitudes and desires of women as they emerge from servitude to equality in the changing modern world. This works to give cohesiveness to the piece raising it above a mere revue. Early we meet key women who fostered changes. From CoCo Chanel to Betty Boop to Rosa Parks to Ida B. Wells we experience the hopes and angst of women as they struggle to find love, fulfillment and, of course, respect. Each era is marvelously told in song and dance with generous doses of humor in an exuberant, energetic evening of entertainment. I loved this toe-tapping fun show and so will all women (and most men).

Respect is a quickly paced, well sung show that is an infectious romp celebrating womanhood through music, movement and humor. With outstanding musical arrangements form Phil Hinton executed wonderfully by the three piece band, Respect moves through the varied assortment of musical styles without missing a beat.

Respect is a polished, ‘feel good to be a girl’ show that is performed in good taste as it showcases the achievements of women as well as becoming a vehicle for Culberson, Fitzpatrick and Price to strut their talents. The rousing “I Will Survive” anthem is apt as this show will have a long run. The audience stood and cheered in ecstasy.

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