Respect: A Musical Journey of Women
at the Herberger Theater, Phoenix

Arizona Weekly Magazine
December 30, 2010

RESPECT A Musical Journey of Women at The Herberger Theater, Phoenix How do you spell hit—with a capital H? R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to the cast of this entertaining and drop dead funny musical sensation now playing at the Herberger Theater center in Phoenix.

Producers Phillip Rodger Roy and Dana Matthow, have teamed up with writer Dorothy Marcic and Director Bud Martin to take us on a ride through a glorious soundtrack about women over the last 100 years! All through the eyes of our narrator Dorothy (played by the ridiculously funny Cheryl Williams), who whisks us through songs and a pictography that will make you cry (due to overwhelming laughter).

This will be a musical to remember for its massive musical content and personal point of view – both full of irony and humor. And guys, you will enjoy having as much fun as the girls with this musical love story about women.

Get your tickets fast though – it sold out over the weekend and promises to be the first hit of the year in Phoenix!