Music & Interviews

TV and radio interviews with Dr. Dorothy Marcic about her book, RESPECT: Women and Popular Music, discussing the evolution of women in Top-40 music from co-dependent to independent, from Someone to Watch Over Me to I Will Survive.

John Seigenthaler, renowned journalist and Host of NPR’s famous “A Word on Words,” conducted an in-depth interview with Dorothy Marcic about her newly-written book, RESPECT: Women and Popular Music.

As RESPECT garnered rave reviews in cities across the United States and abroad, many other interviews followed—some are featured below.

THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS  is a result of the development of the RESPECT  musical.  Since RESPECT  went commercial almost 15 years ago, it was time to update the script and the songs. Dorothy finished this process in early 2017 and the decision was made to put up the updated RESPECT  in New York City, but with a new name, “This One’s for the Girls.”