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Super Discount Savings!

Powerful, Funny, Uplifting – Discount Tickets Available Now!

True-Life Thriller By Dorothy Marcic Released 3-27-18

In the new true crime book WITH ONE SHOT: FAMILY MURDER AND A SEARCH FOR JUSTICE, Dorothy Marcic writes about the crime that has haunted her since she was a teenager.

This One's For the Girls

Mom Theater Blogger: Review of This One’s For the Girls

Lighthearted entertainment, but with an empowering message, this Valentine to women through the past 100 + years, will have you dancing in your seat or cheering….or both.

TOFTG Extends Into Summer!

Due to overwhelming demand, Off-Broadway’s musical smash THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS today put a new block of seats on sale through June 30th. Initially set to run to the end of 2017, THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS,by Dorothy Marcic, opened October 27th.

Kristin Hardwick Reviews “This One’s For The Girls”

If you are looking for a stereotypical, “male bashing”, vengeful show-this is not the show for you! THIS ONE IS FOR THE GIRLS is the exact opposite of that. And, you may just want to stand up and sing along with the talented cast of four!

A Jukebox Musical With Depth

In a bit of theatrical legerdemain, a jukebox musical with depth with 40 Top 40 Song hits.

This One’s For The Girls Is Just For You

I can see this high-octane celebration of the American women and where she’s come from and where she’s going, having a long run, …

THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS Opens Tonight Off-Broadway

This “engaging, compelling and funny” new musical (Miami Herald) looks at the role of women over the past 100+ years through 40 Top 40 hits.

A Bunch of Great Girls Are At St. Lukes Theatre

THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS isn’t just for the girls! This “rocking, soulful and non-stop brilliant” new musical (Stage Scene LA) looks at the role of women over the past 100+ years through 40 Top 40 hits.